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Marie Pojkarova´s first album was released in March 1999 by famous producer

and the owner of „ MULTISONIC “ Karel Vagner. A lot of well known

artists cooperated on this record, e.g. actor Miroslav Moravec and

singing-master Ludmila Nopova. The CD „ Something about Love “ was

launched on March 31, 1999 by Karel Vagner himself and by

singers Ivan Mladek and Standa Chmelik in the Malostranska Beseda

restaurant in Prague. Marie is the author of some lyrics on this CD,

e.g. „ I Know Already “ and „ Betrayal “.

The years of 1997 – 1998

were not very happy for Maria. She got divorced after 8 years of

marriage with husband Peter even though they got a doughter Petra, who

was born in 1994. She sings about her in the song „ For My Small

Doughter “.

Another bad news came in

2002, when Maria´s mother died. Maria emotionally depended on her mom

very much. She sings about her in the song „ Something about My Mom “.

These two events intensively

affected  Maria´s production. Her music from this period is

very emotional.

The CD „ Broken Feelings “ was released in 2007 by Cesky rozhlas – Radioservis and was officially

launched by famous film director Zdenek Troska in the

Prague´s  Manes  restaurant in November. This album

was totally different from the first one. For this CD Maria picked

songs from foreigner authors, that she liked and she added some of her

own songs. It is a rock music album still inspired by her sad feelings,

like a mistrust of men and love itself. But the lyrics is  not

as sad as on her first CD.

In 2008 Marie started cooperation with the Ceska muzika company and she produced another

record in country style called „ Dream Journey “.

She stayed for a short term in sunny Asia and she brought back not only a lot of experience but

also many pictures and she decorated her CD booklet with them.

The Ceska muzika company recorded 8 CDs + 8 DVDs with Maria, it is called Country Collection No.

1. Maria has 16 video clips there in compilation with country group „

Nove Sedlo “ and singer Drobek, who is a true copy of Michal Tucny, the country idol.

The launch of CD „ Dream Journey “ is prepared for May 2009 and the special guests are being

picked up right now. It is going to be a great event, the same like in

Manes restaurant, that 500 people attended.

Do not miss this event of a singer with an unusual voice. She is an exceptional figure on our music